Are all your friends coupling off while you struggle to find “the one”? Do you date constantly because you’re petrified of being alone? Are you led to believe you’ve found true love, but then commitment is elusive? Do you have a difficult time getting intimate or typically date someone who’s emotionally unavailable? No matter your circumstances, one thing is certain: You are the constant in all of your relationships.

The blueprints for how you behave in love were formed early on in your life with your parents – your first “true love” -- and that imprint runs deep. Based on those early experiences in life, you are now subconsciously creating outcomes that mirror that powerful dynamic. In other words, it’s not just good luck when you find the spontaneity and passion you crave, and it’s no accident at all when you partner with someone who hurts or disappoints you time and time again.  Whether you are aware of it or not, your love life as an adult – for better and worse -- is intricately connected to your relationship with your parents and how you were raised.


All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken: Change the Way You Date and Find Lasting Love is an essential starting point for understanding your role in your relationships and what’s required to create a different outcome. Through working with hundreds of clients, Dr. Debbie discovered eight behavior patterns that are typical of dissatisfied men and women looking for love:

  • The Old Faithful: can’t move forward while longing for the one they can’t have 
  • The Whirlwind Dater: constantly dates but never finds fulfillment 
  • The Standstill: rarely dates and struggles to relate on an intimate level 
  • The Forbidden Fruit Hunter: gets involved with emotionally unavailable men who may already be coupled off
  • The Compassionate Rescuer: pours all their energy into changing their “fixer-upper” 
  • The Wanderer: has an internal void that one partner can’t fill so there’s someone on the side or waiting in the wings
  • The Uptown Girl/Guy: only attracted to men with money, status or looks
  • The Runaway Bride/Groom: out the door as soon as asked to commitment

Once you recognize and comprehend your self-defeating patterns, Dr. Debbie’s insights can then help you build the healthy, fulfilling partnership that you deserve. 

Since publishing All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken: Change the Way You Date and Find Lasting Love, Dr. Debbie has continued her research into why many of her clients are perpetually single and dissatisfied about it, and she has become a top expert in this niche. While every client comes from a different background, the common thread of those who continually struggle in love is that they have subconsciously signed a contract with one or both of their parents in which they, the children, are held accountable for their parents’ well-being. Or, even though you are an adult, you are still seeking the love and approval you could never quite feel as a child.  

It is this “over-connection” that is at the root of their inability to find sustainable happiness with a partner. Dr. Debbie has made it her mission to ensure that men and women who want to have a relationship understand why their emotional needs remain unfulfilled and have the tools to break those patterns so they can change their lives. 

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